Posted by SBA on Dec 12, 2019
What a fascinating eclectic membership we have at Kapiti Rotary. None more so than unashamed petrolhead Paul Thompson and his association with drag racing.
Paul kept members enthralled for the entire 5 minutes explaining the awesome power, speed, material and monetary damage of drag racing. A 10,000 hp dragster consumers 7 litres of nItromethane per second, producing a flame of 7000 deg, whilst  launching the machine to 300 mph (top speed 337mph/542kph)  in 4 seconds and generating 4G of force. Thats faster than a jet fighter and spaceship. Each run costs $1,000 per second, or up to $10,000 per run, provided they don't hit the wall or break any parts. A top machine will cost up to $500,000. A member remarked that he hadn't  ever seen Guy Weaver so delirious with excitement!