Posted by SBA on Dec 12, 2019
Nick Tuatasi, QSM with President Anne Marie Tiffen and Member Doug Hooper Smith
Nick gave a powerful presentation on "Saying No to the the new face of Big Tobacco" -"Same Corporates, Same Objectives, Same Addiction, New Product"-CANNABIS


Nick, ex policeman, received the Living Legend Award from the NZ Police 1997, honoured with the QSM in 1998; a founding member of the Family First trust which purpose is"

  1. To promote and advance research and policy supporting marriage and family as foundational to a strong and enduring society
  2. To educate the public in their understanding of the institutional, legal and moral framework that makes a just and democratic society possible
  3. To participate in social analysis
  4. To produce and publish relevant and stimulating material in newspapers, magazines, and other media
  5. To be a voice for the family in the media
  6. To carry out such other charitable purposes within  New  Zealand as the Trust shall determine.
Nick's presentation focussed upon the dangers of legalising cannabis, of how the same corporates , eg cigarette companies- are behind legalisation for their own fiscal benefit, and how insidiously and easily they are targeting and introducing our youngsters to the drug through smart packaging, vaping, sweets. Nick doesn't  have a beef with medical cannabis (though would prefer not) but certainly strongly feels we need to stand up to stupid government who are on the one hand actively encouraging the eradication of cigarettes and pouring millions$ into improving mental health, whilst perversely on the other doing just the opposite by legalising cannabis. Nick points out that cannabis is 95% more potent than it was in the 1960's and is 7X more addictive than smoking. How is the government to regulate /monitor, measure, test people-where are the resources? Nick contends that it won't kill the blackmarket, the gangs will flourish through legalisation /regulation-and we  /our society will pay for it dearly. Colorado, where marijuana is sold legally through the likes of McDonalds and Starbucks, is now trying to wind back the legalisation because of the harm it is doing to its society, through increased psychosis, schizophrenia, crime, violence, poverty. Nick implores us to sign their petition , to generate open discussion, (seemingly he is gagged by government and corporate sponsored media)-to vote NO in the 2020 referendum. Members gave Nick a standing ovation.