Club Meeting
23 Movember 2023
Please donate to the Club team to support prostate cancer:
President Vic Hewson
Shirley Stratton
Mike Redman
Hosted by President Vic
Guests: Gemma Gould (speaker). New member Mark . 
Jim Dryburgh won the raffle.
Come and taste some great wines this Thursday! Partners and friends welcome - register by noon on Wednesday.
Opening thought
We should remember all that is happening overseas in places like Ukraine and Gaza, especially to children, and be very thankful for what we have.
Parting Thought 
JC bade us farewell as it's his last meeting:
If you tell me I can't do it, I'll do it. Twice.
Induction of new member Mark Gilmour
President Vic remembered encountering Mark in their respective roles as possibly underage student drinker and Police Officer, many years ago.
Mark was born in Wellington 1955 but in 1963 the family moved to Invercargill so he supports both the Highlanders and the Hurricanes! He completed his vet degree at Massey in 1977. He was in practice in Marton until 2011. After doing some years of consultancy Mark is semi-retired with a Board role on an Indemnity Insurance Society for vets.
Mark is married to Di, with 3 adult children. They both enjoy being active with golf, biking etc. Di and Mark bought in Waikanae Beach in 2016 and after doing some additions and renovations moved to Kapiti permanently in November 2021.
A warm welcome to Mark!
Derek accepting his award
The Mo Bros
Vic presenting Liz's award
President Vic
The trailer raffle will be drawn next week. Please wear your Rotary shirt/jacket as there will be a group photo.
The accounts have been emailed out. Please review them and let Derek know if you have any questions as he won't be taking questions at the AGM.
We have full stocks of Club apparel (polo shirts, jackets and caps); please contact Matt to order.
Liz has been emailed about putting the roster together for the Big Heart appeal for the Heart Foundation on 23 and 24 February 2024. Please let Liz know if you can help with 2 hour collecting slots outside local supermarkets.
Richard Moulton
The Kāpiti Foodbank is the chosen charity to benefit from the Christmas giftwrapping at Coastlands this year. Please let Richard know if you would like to volunteer - 2 shifts of 3 hours - to wrap gifts and benefit the Foodbank.
Richard also noted the Lions are collecting for the Foodbank this weekend.
The final meeting of the Communications Committee is on 12 December at Richard's place.
Paul Adams
The Food Fair is shaping up very well for next weekend. Many members have offered to help with the larger, more exciting format. Our prospective new members have shown very willing too.
Chris Dentice
and Gary are sporting their facial hair for Movember. Chris is a prostate cancer survivor so it's a cause that's very close to his heart. Annual checkups are very important as they provide a baseline to detect any changes early, improving treatment outcomes. This saved Chris' life.
Please support the team:
Chris T
Chris reminded everyone about Ride the Train event on Sunday to support Eradicate Polio. Evidently it was a great day and many members of the public who attended learned a lot about the risks to the world and benefits of Rotary and the Gates Foundation's polio eradication partnership.
 Proceeds from the Men's Rugby World Cup Sweepstakes went 50/50 to Eradicate Polio and the Club Christmas function.
Ian Ayson
Lucky Lotto draw winners: JC, Randall and Roger
Kevin Stratton
Thanks everyone for the support when his mum died, including members who attended the funeral. The golf tournament raised $20k and was a great event.
Kevin Milne
Al's daughter Pippa had surgery and is recovering well. Shirley Barrell is doing well. She has a fancy walker and is cautiously out walking around Avion Terrace.
Tim Beere
He has samples of Elizabeth's bird calendars for orders $25. $10 from each sale will go to the Club.
Tim Orrell
Tuatara Brewery was very supportive of the golf tournament and Tim has some boxes of beers for sale, $15 a box.
Wine tasting is on this Thursday and will be a lot of fun. Prices for wine ordered on the night will be very competitive, $1 under the usual best price. The range is $12 - 20. It's partners' night so please register guests by Wednesday noon.
President Vic
Vic was proud to present Gold Awards from The Kapiti Citizens Services Trust to Liz Koh and Derek Hughes for their ongoing sponsorship of the hall refurbishment work. Derek observed that they had been involved for over 10 years!
We are still seeking RYLA nominations of young people with potential. Please share the Facebook post with friends, family and networks.
 Doug - 15 minute speaker
The Proposed Firewood Project:   El Rancho have offered Kapiti Rotary the opportunity to split and store firewood at their property in Waikanae.  El Rancho are the source of the firewood as they cut down trees that are past their useful life.   This is a long-term project that could run for several years.

The Cost:   There may be a one off cost of $2000  to clear an area called the Burn Pile separate from where the firewood would be split.   Doug is currently negotiating with El Rancho and it is possible that the $2000 cost will be waived by El Rancho or shared between us and El Rancho   Then there is a monthly cost of $100 per month which is paid to El Rancho.  This is to cover the costs incurred by El Ranch in the felling of the trees and moving them to a site for splitting.

The Returns: Up to half of the firewood collected would be donated free to needy families.   We would then need to sell 37 trailer loads at $100 each if we were to cover the total outlay in the first year. Alternatively, if the outlay was spread over two years, we would need to sell 25 trailer loads a year over two years.   Obviously if the one off cost is reduced as a result of Doug's negotiations then we would  need to sell less firewood.   On an ongoing basis we would need to sell 12 trailer loads to cover expenses.

The Labour:    To keep on top of the project Doug estimates one day per month would be required.   This would involve 6 people in two teams using two splitters.   Initially the wood currently in the storage area needs to be split and the waste removed (not by us)   From then on, the firewood would have to be moved by trailer from the splitting site to the storage area by early April. From then on, wood would be delivered to the storage zone, split and dried. Some of the wood would have to be chain sawed into manageable rounds for splitting.   
If we were to break the day per month into two shifts of 3 hours, then the commitment from our club would be 12 people per month for 11 months of the year.   Then it comes down to the number of people who would be available.   I believe we need a commitment from at least 36 people from our club who are prepared to help, and this would spread the load. Additional labour would be required for loading and delivering firewood, but this could be managed to suit availability of volunteers.

The Rewards:
1.   A supply of firewood to people in our community who would otherwise struggle to keep warm in the cold weather
2.   A regular income - perhaps $1,000 per year above costs
3.   An opportunity to assist other organisations with fund raising as we could supervise their labour to split and collect firewood for sale in their communities.
4.   A good "Service Activity" by our club consistent with our objectives.
5.   A potential opportunity to sell mulch that is created by El Rancho but not required by them.
There was strong support amongst members for this project. Please contact President Vic asap if you have a view about this project.
Guest Speaker: Gemma Gould
Dave Edwards introduced Gemma to talk to us about ear and hearing health. She is a very well qualified and experienced audiologist with the Resonate practice in Coastlands. Gemma now lives in Titahi Bay.
Gemma stunned us with her mauve mohawk, very colourful footwear and assured presentation.
Gemma explained that caring for your hearing is vital, not only to be able to hear the world around you (once it's gone, it can't be restored!) but also for your general health, wellbeing and cognitive functioning. Our ears wear out with age and can also be damaged by prolonged unprotected exposure to loud noise.
Our hearing keeps us connected with friends, whānau and community. Losing our hearing can make us isolated and depressed. We withdraw from socialising if we can't hear properly. Hearing loss affects balance, memory, the quality of our sleep and tinnitus. There is a link between hearing loss and dementia: even mild hearing loss can double your chance of dementia.
Gemma recommended getting a hearing test, even if you think your hearing is fine. Hearing loss can creep up on you and a test now can set a baseline. She recommended doing your homework before selecting a hearing health provider.
Dave, President Vic and Gemma
Gemma gave us a fascinating presentation
Vince kept the hydration coming for Doug
Marilyn gave out a lot of leaflets and information
A great day out for the kids to support a great cause
Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen
Coming Up
  • 30 November, Wine Tasting - partners' night
  • 7 December AGM
  • 14 December: have yourself a sparkly little Christmas!