Rotary Club of Kapiti
Meeting 28 July 
Otaki Club Raid
2022 club Executives
President  Alistair Beissel
Treasurer  Derek Hughes
Secretary Roderick Kinghorn
Club Notices
President Alistair welcomed the return of Roger Sowry and Richard May
from overseas and our newest
Honorary Member
Captain John Granville.
Pride of Workmanship was coming up in two weeks on the 17th August in Otaki.
Change of Meeting Day to Wednesday for this meeting.
Also reminded us that the “Ride the Train” event is on the 4th of September. Please put this in your diary and check the link recently sent out. There will be 3 stops up to Taihape where we will be looked after by the local Club.
Tickets are $160.
Dave Edwards gave an update on the progress of the new Foodbank building and we should have moving dates available next week.
Doug Hooper-Smith advised that there would be a Wood Splitting Working Bee on this Saturday the 6th. If we can’t complete this then we will try again the following Saturday the 13th.
Stuart Ayres reminded us that we need New Members  We all deal with Local Business and we should be on the lookout. Invite a local business Owner/Manager to come along and tell us about their Business as a Guest Speaker.
Stuart also remind the Club that he is desperate for information about projects etc. for the Website.
Steph Dyhrberg is looking for Members to be part of the Committee organising next year’s Regional Conference, which is being run by our Club. Please let Steph know if you can help her.




Editors note

This week Corrado and I had two sets of Kapiti club members visit us in our new home her in Taupo
 It was lovely to see Shirley and Kevin Stratton and Simon Manning and Jade 
Please pop in to see us to say hello and grab a coffee
We love visitors and  if you are in town the night maybe meet up for dinner 
5min Speaker Ken Shilling 
Ken Shilling’s topic was “I am lucky to be here” – the tale of a survivor
Ken told us the history of his ancestor William Shilling in the early 1800’s.
William, born in Kent UK, started work aged 10 and at 14 joined the Navy.
After many trips and adventures including Yellow Fever and seeing 10 shipmates washed overboard in a storm. William arrived in Wellington in 1869 and with a mate jumped ship. Which turned to be a good decision as their ship floundered on the rocks at Palliser Bay as it left. There were only two survivors 
William became a pilot in Wellington, rowing out to meet ships in all weathers and bring them into port. He never lost a ship. He lived to be 91!
After much research Ken discovered, with the help of Simon Manning that he was buried in Johnsonville. They now have a plaque on the church wall as a memorial for William and his Wife Harriett Mexted of Tawa.
Ken also has found another ancestor who immigrated to the USA before the American war of Independence and has found a 6th Cousin who he keeps in contact with.
Yes he is related to All Black Murray Mexted and is a cousin of Guy Weaver!
Congratulations Ken. William certainly was a Survivor.
AKA   take no prisoners
MR no nonsense 
Negative team all Fun and games
The Affirmative Team was led by “Take no prisoners” Steph Dyhrberg with support from “Bright Light” Martin Hening and Taranaki’s best”: Ross Jordan.
The Negative Team was led by “No Nonsense” Roger Sowry who was supported by “I’ll be going home on my own” Murray Bell and Basketball Fan extraordinaire” Sharon Vodanovich 
 Steph commenced her address by informing us of how bad Thursday’s were and all the bad things that had happened on Thursdays. Did you know in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Earth was destroyed on a Thursday?
Roger announced straightway that indeed Steph had indeed been born on a Thursday!
Then proceeded to explain that we can’t meet on Mondays – look what happened to Paraparaumu Club. Tuesday is when Cabinet meet so that’s a Dead Day. Wednesday, well that’s Hump Day! And from here the debate descended with explanations as to the meaning of this and the consequences on Members.
Martin brought us back on track with information about the changing work world and that Thursdays now are a day for getting ready to go away for long weekends, attend Stag nights & Pub Quiz nights etc.
Murray, who at this stage still had a ride home. Suddenly decided that Thursdays were about Fellowship & Alcohol and how our bodies are tuned into to being on the ----!  On this night? Then he said we should be like the people of Ludd & resist change whether it was Climate Change or letting Women into Rotary.
Now Murray was walking home!
Ross implored us to be brave, to dare to be different. We love Rotary that is why we are here. The Negative Team don’t want change and their arguments are all rubbish. Be Brave and vote for Wednesday Nights.
Sharon agreed that for her Thursday were busy, but coming to Rotary was her stress relief night! Thursday is Rotary night and everyone in her Family knows this. Sharon said the amount of retraining that she would have to do is just impossible.
Roger in summing up for the Negative Team reminded us that Thursday is date night that a change to Wednesdays would see a drop in Bar takings and we would lose Simon Manning, as he wouldn’t come because his favourite TV The Casketeers is on Wednesdays.
Steph summoned up for Affirmative Team by stressing how this obsession with Alcohol is a worry and that was all the Negative Team had to offer in their arguments.
Although the impartial judicatory, Murray Lobb didn’t tell us the numbers it was obvious that the Negative Team had prevailed. Thursday night remains Rotary night.
Pics from this weekends wood splitting
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