Club Meeting
7 September 2023
President Vic Hewson
Shirley Stratton
Mike Redman
Hosted by President Vic
Guests: Martin Sloman and wife Ruth Surrey (and assorted others)
Eddie Winkel won the raffle.
Sacré bleu! We know whom to blame for Saturday morning's tears...
Opening thought - Chris D: I am very grateful to be part of such a good club. Awww
Parting Thought - "Helping 1 person may not change the world but it could change the world for that 1 person."
Better to aim high & miss the mark than to aim low and achieve it (Michael Angelou)
President Vic
The candidates night is on 28 September. Please send any pithy and relevant questions to MC Guy Weaver in advance of the event.
Rotary Training 17 September in Lower Hutt - Vic encouraged any newish members to attend some of the focus will be on organisation; ethics and growing clubs.
Vic asking members for ideas of what could be done with the massive FIFA jersey - please submit your ideas to him - ideas to date: Trademe; cut it up for smaller jerseys to sell; Te Papa??
Trailer Raffle - kicked off this weekend - see below for the roster and photos of the lads in action.
Ross and Tim attended Work Ready events - participants from Kāpiti, Paraparaumu & Otaki Colleges. A lovely thank you was received from Charlotte at Work Ready: 
Kia ora koutou. I just wanted to reach out and extend our sincere thanks on behalf of the Operations team and the Board for your support at this week's Kāpiti Work Ready Passport interviews. These interviews are more than an assessment opportunity, they also provide extremely valuable interview experiences for our rangatahi and support them to develop their confidence and work readiness. Without you these interviews would not have been possible and we thank you for your commitment to Kāpiti's youth. We are very grateful for you giving so generously of your time and for those that are also completing additional interviews tomorrow and on Wednesday 20th September for those rangatahi that missed this week's interviews for a multitude of reasons - a big thank you!
Kevin S
Golf Tournament on (9th November) is 2 months out - see Kevin for jobs
Josie - getting applicants for RYLA 24-28 Jan - the advert (below) has now been posted on our District Facebook page. Please share and spread the word.
5 minute speaker: Matthew Grace
Matthew told us about the Forsyth Barr Research into rugby & markets. The prediction is that the French will triumph. Let's hope there is more art than science to all this. Matthew gave out 5 books after a short quiz on Rugby & markets 2023.
5 minute speaker Matthew explains the science behind the dire prediction
The AB's goose was cooked
The Forsyth Barr 5 way model
Liz, Martin and Ruth
Al was presented with a thank you by Ruth and Martin
President Vic was also a recipient
Speaker: Martin Sloman - Kāpiti Kindness Trust
Liz introduced Martin Sloman. Martin is a great community man and has a QSM for his services to mental health. He runs Whirlwind Charity for men's mental health and Kāpiti Kindness Trust for those who need help. The Trust was runner up in the Health and Wellbeing category and winner of the Rising Star Award in the Wellington Airport Community Awards.  Ruth Surrey (Martin's better half and official powerpoint clicker) was also introduced. 
"There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in." Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Martin asked us all to commit $2 month to his Kindness Trust: 06 0730 0395753 00. President Vic has followed up with an email to each member requesting they support this great mahi.
 If you know anyone in the community who is doing kind things, let Martin know so he can thank and acknowledge them. 2 such recipients were Vic Hewson and Alastair Beissel for their huge efforts in distributing the FIFA gear. The Sunshine Fund contributed $250 to the cause last night.  Last week, the Sunshine Fund and the Sergeant's session contributed to the Ōtaki Waka Ama club.
Kindness projects
Kāpiti Kindness Trust logo - many kind hearts join together for good
Please share the RYLA Facebook advert on social media

Rotary Learning & Information Session

17th September, in the Sharp Room at the Boulcott Golf Club, 33 Military Road (aka Boulcott Farm).
Registration by the end of 21 September via this link, or contact Lee Wilkinson:, or by phone or text on 021 455 326. 


This week:
14 September: Kate Day Call Me Brother (the Edric Baker story)
Coming Up:
Board meeting 7pm Monday 11 Sept at the airport
21 September: Georgie Ferrari, CEO of the Sustainability Trust
28 September: Election 2023 - Local Electorate candidates
5 October: BBQ at the Kāpiti Community Foodbank


The trailer raffle roster
Martin and Ken Milne hard at work selling hundreds of tickets
Ross and Ruth teamed up for the Work Ready interviews