Kāpiti Club
Joint meeting with Lions 4 July 2024
President Ross Jordan
Shirley Stratton
Graham Evans
Hosted by President Ross
Guests: MP for Ōtaki Tim Costley and wife Emma; Deputy KCDC Mayor Lawrence Kirby, Councillor Glen Cooper, Lions Zone Chairman Leon Downes, Waikanae President Charlie Ives, Members of the 4 Lions Clubs from around the district.
Cath Simpson (new inductee), Caleb Lopez-Sanchez (RYLA attendee), Epu and Cinnamon Tararo (prospective members), Chris Jupp - Kai Ika project
1 July marks the start of the Rotary year, and new leadership. Note the Presidency of Rotary International just passed from one awesome woman (Jennifer Jones, RI's first ever woman President) to another...
Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Mal, President Ross, Tim Costley MP, Leon Downes, Charlie Ives and Councillor Glen Cooper
A tale of 2 Presidents
2024/25 Rotary International President is Stephanie Urchick, a down to earth sports fanatic and educator from Pennsylvania. Her theme this year is the Magic of Rotary.
Graham Evans:
Opening thought

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.

If you don't ask, the answer will always be no.

If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

- Nora Roberts


Parting thought

Courage is knowing it might hurt and doing it anyway.

Stupidity is the same. And that's why life is hard.

Raffle winner: Derek Hughes
President Ross inducted Cath into the Club
New members Aruna and Cath
Team Wood for Good accepting the Stihl Shop Kāpiti chainsaw
District Governor's Award for Excellent Club Newsletter & Comms
Graham and President Ross with the awards
District Governor's Membership Growth Award
President Ross introduced our evening which, as well as a packed night of usual and unusual items, was an historic event to celebrate a collaboration with the local Lions Clubs and Kāpiti Coast District Council to explore the options and undertake a feasibility study to build a mini putt course.
Local MP Tim Costley spoke with energy about the community focus of much of his work. He noted the growth of the Rotary Club of Kāpiti was no surprise given the tangible contributions our vibrant Club makes to many good causes, without expecting anything in return. Tim pledged to support us however he can. He thanked the Lions and Rotary members for all the hard work they do for their communities.
President Ross' announcements
Ross congratulated Mal Bird for the Leo Ducker Award he was presented with recently by Dive Pacific to recognise his outstanding contribution to diving.
Ross noted he and Josie had attended the Electra Business Awards event at KCDC the previous evening and how proud he was of Josie's work on the Club's entry.
The selection process for our new President Elect was democratic, swift and successful: Paul Adams accepted the nomination which was confirmed unanimously by members present. Paul said the timing was right for him and he was looking forward to serving us.
The Stihl Shop Kāpiti chose our Club from the nominees for a community group in need of a new chainsaw. The chainsaw was gratefully accepted by the Wood for Good team (minus prime instigator Doug).
Ross inducted Cath Simpson into the Club. Born and raised in Lancashire, Cath found her true vocation during a gap year, volunteering at a facility supporting people with physical and intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. She studied Nursing and Social Work and Midwifery, fully qualifying in both professions. Cath arrived in Kāpiti  in 2005 and fell in love with the place. She completed a post graduate degree in mental health nursing and worked in a couple of roles before returning to her first love, intellectual disability nursing. Cath is married to Jeremy and they have 2 gorgeous dogs. She is a keen golfer. Welcome to the Club, Cath - we are lucky to have you!
RYLA graduate - Caleb Lopez-Sanchez
Steph introduced Caleb who spoke to us about his experience at RYLA in January. Caleb is now 21 and in his first semester studying medicine at Otago University (the best university in the world - Editor's note). Caleb was very grateful to the Club and the team who ran and presented at RYLA, including Steve Pasene who was at his table for dinner tonight. Caleb appreciated the opportunity to focus on how he could become a better person and leader in our community. Caleb developed some personal goals, which he is well on his way to achieving. The first marathon is still a work in progress...
Caleb credited his experience at RYLA with helping him achieve a couple of goals: he has been offered a research position for the summer working on diabetes, and stood for and was elected Vice President of the Otago Medical Students' Association.
Ross thanked Caleb for his impressive presentation (without his PowerPoint as we had some IT issues, see photos below), and reminded us all this is exactly why we do the fundraising work.
Marilyn and Graham attended as our Club representatives at the District Changeover and accepted awards for Excellent Newsletters & Communications, and the greatest increase in membership in the whole District. It was great recognition of all the hard work Immediate Past President Vic and the Membership team have put into growing the membership, and Steph, Stuart and Josie have put into the Bulletin and comms, including on social media.
Please support the entrants in the Electra Awards customer experience category by text voting: One vote for your favourite participating business in each region of Kāpiti and Horowhenua, per cellphone.
The draft strategy document is coming along well and will be sent out after the Board signs it off.
Josie had free walnuts with her again - contact Josie if you  missed out; she has heaps!
The gardening working bee at 2 Queens Road will be held on Saturday. Update: a large group of volunteers from BNI and Rotary turned up to help Al and Bruce do the clean up. Deb was very grateful.
Another working bee to do some planting and landscaping will be organised later. We will be looking for donations of plants that are tough enough to withstand an excitable dog. The work inside is coming along well too, with many Club members and trades providing labour and materials for free.  Steph and Bruce will be fundraising for the floor coverings.
Standing in for Doug (still minus walk shorts). The shunt sheet was going around for Wood for Good which is on 13 July at the Kāpiti Golf Club. It will be a busy day splitting up rounds. Please park on the berm if possible to avoid churning up the lawn.
Ken Milne
Ken as Almoner has been in touch with a number of members recently. Honorary Member Vince Robinson is recovering well from heart surgery and is quite chipper.
Al Beissel
Al is on the Board of Lifting The Lid, along with Kevin Boyce. It has really taken off as a concept throughout the District and further afield, and now looks set to go national. In Wellington there will be services made available at intermediate level. The Board is having meetings to ensure the local College Principals make students aware of the programme and the benefit to rangatahi in need of urgent mental health support. Al noted this initiative was originally  Bruce Morgan's baby.
Tim applauded the community spirit of both Rotary Club of Kāpiti  and the local Lions Clubs
Mal Bird accepting his Leo Ducker award
Garden clean up working bee at Deb's
Very satisfying progress was made - the combined BNI/Rotary Club of Kāpiti team (pictured) plus Al did an awesome job.
Paul accepted the President Elect nomination with aplomb. He said it was perfect timing as he had a big gap to fill.
Presentation on the mini putt project and signing of MOU between 4 local Lions Clubs and the Rotary Club of Kāpiti
President Ross asked Project Leader Mal to speak about the inaugural joint venture between the Lions and Rotary, undertaking a feasibility study into building and operating a mini putt course for Kāpiti. Mal introduced the team: Derek, Mike Copeland and Anthony (now to be known as the Designer). Rex, Charlie and Leon are the Lions representatives. 
Mal has been driving this project since becoming a member and within a short time has made great progress. The team wants to do this as a proper business planning venture rather than running working bees. The concept is that the profits from the venture would help fund the community work of Lions and Rotary in the District.
The team has had several excellent meetings with KCDC, identifying 9 potential sites. Next month the Boards of Rotary and Lions will consider the report back. A decision will be made about the recommended site. The next stage would be finalising the design, going to market for a firm to construct it and identifying more sponsors. Mal has already secured some sponsors for holes (probably 10).
Mal said he would postpone his auction fundraiser event into 2025 to ensure a focus on the Golf Day which will benefit Mary Potter Hospice. 
Charlie spoke on behalf of the Lions, thanking President Ross for hosting them this evening. Although we are separate service organisations with different ways of doing things, we have common goals. Working together like this has opened lots of doors that would not otherwise have been possible.
The Designer spoke about his preliminary plans, subject to choosing the site. It needs to be flattish, ideally with some established trees, close to Expressway on/off ramps and on a main road. It is an exciting project.
See the New Zealand Herald Kāpiti News article about the project:
Leon and President Ross signed the MOU establishing the feasibility project.
The Lions table, with Mike
The Designer speaking about the mini putt course
RYLA 2024
The MOU signing
Caleb immersed in a RYLA challenge
Caleb, team and Mrs Stratton
Caleb and the troops at work in the kitchen
Josie was wearing her American  Independence Day tshirt with pride
RYLA Class of 2024
Chris Jupp - Kai Ika appeal
Guest speaker: Chris Jupp - Kai Ika Project
If you don't ask, you don't get
Chris came with a request for funds to support the Wellington Kai Ika project. The project started in Auckland. Only 35% of the fish (i.e. the fillets) caught in New Zealand waters makes it onto tables: the frames and heads which contain the sweetest, most nutritious meat which is also culturally prized is dumped or turned into petfood. At the same time, 1 in 5 families in Aotearoa are skipping meals and (as we know) foodbanks are under huge pressure.
Kai Ika rescues valuable food and distributes it to people in need. Many will say it is the only animal protein they get all week. 
A couple of years ago Kai Ika moved operations into Porirua. They started with 400 - 500 kgs the first week. Now they process tonnes and can provide 165,000 meals per annum.
Sponsors and local breweries have come to the party to help with recycling aluminium cans: cans for kai, with all proceeds funding the mahi. They need $5,000 for a trailer to transport the collected cans. Several members and guests offered Chris money on the spot.
If you would like to learn more about Kai Ika, and if possible to donate to the cause, see their website: or Facebook page:
This week:
11 July: Paul Hammond - Waikanae school projects and community connections
Coming up:
18 July: Martin Sutherland - Volunteer Fire Brigade
25 July: Steve Marshall - Political situation in Myanmar
1 August: Her Worship Janet Holborow - Mayoral District Update
15 August: Dr Greg Sherley - Visit to Pitcairn Island