Club Meeting
May 19th 2022
Kevin Boyce
Derek Hughes
Club welcomed guest   Malcolm Neill ex Hamilton. Malcolm has  Moved to Kapiti and looking to join our club
Club Announcements

Save the Date 25 June
DG Changeover at Otaki Memorial
District 9940 Changeover from DG Mark Wheeler to DG Marilyn Stevens
Saturday 25th  June  22
Otaki Memorial Hall, 69 Main Street Otaki
Helpers required for, pack in and set up areas,  help with tasks during the day, and pack out at the end of the day
Paul Adams is logistics please register with him
Lunch cost $23.00 and paid from your account once you register to help.  Or you may wish to bring your own lunch. 

Jerry Mataparae Guest Speaker

Lunch $23 for members (don’t have to have)


Almoner  Update

 from Ken Milne

Tim Beere now home after spell in hospital with a  blood clot

Ken Shilling-unwell, uncertain diagnosis


Directors Announcements


Dave Edwards-Foodbank

Please Please Please More help is needed 



Marilyn Stevens

Waikanae Club closing -joining new Mana Tangata club

Kapiti Rotary now in Kapi Mana cluster group

Levin in Palm Nth Cluster group



Murray Bell

Ukraine funds raised last week -$2,150


Updated Shave for a Cure

Steph Dhyrberg  successfully raised $20k for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ-the highest of any in NZ. Still has more hair than Murray, but now significantly less than her employment law colleague Susan Hornsby Geluk


Raffle- Murray Bell #51 -

2021/ 2022 theme

Doug Hooper Smith 5 minute speaker

Hilary & Doug celebrate 50 years of marriage this week.

“The last 54 years”

1968 trained farmer at Sth Wairarapa station his father trained 1938

Met Hilary Wallace , Dentist 1969 “she couldn’t take her eyes off me”

1971 Wona  Young Farmers Scholarship to Sth Australia

Septr 1971 married and went Wairanagamae farm 

1974 moved onto /took over family farm Waitahora, 20km  from Dannevirke








1978 bought own farm next door

1974-80 had children

Hard times, hi interest rates, Doug fencing, shearing to augment income

Hilary working on farm

Doug golfing, representative rugby

Son didn’t want to take over farm so decided to sell

Moved to Kapiti 1996 and have loved it ever since

Hilary -nurse at Team Medical

Doug property mgmt-2005-2016






Doug Joined Rotary 1998 (introduced by Mike Olsen)

Doug paid his tributes to Hilary-he couldn’t have  got through the hard times without her, stating she has now finished her training as wife, his first and only wife


Duly shouted the bar to celebrate


Speaker-Linda Nichol , Director of “Poppy” the movie


Studied at Epsom Girls Grammar, Wellington Polytech as Journalist and since has had a variety of roles in communications and films as screenwriter, producer, director for various directors, films and  organisations..

Linda has been an independent  film writer and director, content video director since 2019. She writes original screenplays, adapts material for the screen, produce s and directs short films.

Linda has  made five short films, two of which have screened in international film festivals. Her  feature film writing has been recognised with awards in the US.


Poppy is about a young woman with Down syndrome who takes control of her own life, with dreams of becoming a motor mechanic, refusing to be defined by her disabiilty. 

Poppys roots go way back to 2008, when the script was through quite a different perspective. Linda adapted it.

Linda described how she interviewed 22 young women for the role and chose Libby Hunsdale from Wanganui  who ticked all the boxes. She loved to perform, but needed a lot of support with acting and drive made it a pleasure.

It was not easy to get off the ground-with numerous applications to get funding from the Film Commission -finally getting lucky with a special fund created for women in recognition of  women’s suffrage. Then Covid struck , resulting in pause in filming with 1 week left. Resumed 3 weeks later challenged by some actors returning a little overweight!

Poppy enjoyed a 13 week release in NZ, is on DVD and has gone to many festivals globally where it has received greater recognition than in NZ.

It has put Kapiti on map and it seems many members have seen it.

Poppy has highlighted that we don’t give those who are neuro diverse the credit they deserve -that they can play an active and important with the appropriate support.1 in 4 NZers have some disability of some kind.

The film has had quite an impact in Libby’s life, both positive and with some challenges presenting as she resumes life in Wanganui, performing at  the Wanganui Repertory Theatre.

Linda’s next film is about another young woman coming of age.


Request from Kapiti Food Fair 
We are also super excited as the Fair has entered the 2022 Top Shop Award and we would totally love it if you could vote for us.
Our customer experience is all about GOOD friends, GOOD times and GOOD food – Grab your mobile now and text 'KAPITI Kāpiti Food Fair' to 4040 before 30 May – ka pai thank you.
Fair Update from Helene Judge
Much mahi going on behind the scenes to prepare for the Kāpiti Food Fair on Saturday 3 December 2022.  The other fantastic news is we can operate at Covid Whero Red, Karaka Orange or Kakariki Green Traffic Light of the NZ Protection Framework with unlimited attendance. If the Covid situation changes and we had to postpone and reschedule, we would transfer all arrangements to the 2023 Fair on Saturday 2 December 2023. Our strong plea to everyone attending, is to get fully vaccinated and boosted to protect you, your whānau, your community. 
We also extend much gratitude to our Sponsors who have reconfirmed their commitment to the Fair – without their commercial input, running the Fair would be challenging. We can't wait to see you all later this year and we will be staying in touch as the year progresses.  In signing-off please vote for us in the Top Shop Award (you can only vote once and the text will cost 20c), ngā mihi, Helene and Jeanine. xx



Marion signed off the evening with her parting thought

"There are three types of people

Those who makes things happen

Those who watch things happen and

Those who wonder what happened"