Board meeting on Monday 14th Nov
The AGM Annual General Meeting will be held on 1st December, please contact Roderick if you have a topic for discussion during general business
This Thursday’s meeting is wine tasting night. Partners are welcome, though please register them on clubrunner
Christmas puddings have arrived. Contact Richard May to place an order
Chris Dentice is running a lucky lotto fundraiser. $20 per number
Kevin Stratton, thanked everyone in organising Golf tournament last week. It is estimated to have raised around $20k. Well done all
Marilyn Stevens thanked everyone involved in fashion show that raised money to support the Ukraine
Paul Adam’s has remined everyone that the food fair is in 3 weeks time.  Please note that everyone is assumed to be helping out on the day. Let Paul know if you are unavailable to help that weekend.
2 X Inductions
President Alastair was pleased to welcome two new members to the club:
  • Bryce Dunn, a transferring Rotarian from Rotorua, and 
  • Jim Dryburgh, a past club president who is rejoining us.
Last week Alistair presented 
TKT with a donation
This week we had a Working Bee
Working Bee at Te Kahu Tiu
Veronica and Mike, Liz and Kos, and Shirley and Kevin helped out at the TKT working bee. The morning was very wet so a cuppa and a delicious slice in the new building with the other volunteers was most appreciated. When the rain cleared, we ventured out for a tour of the property and began work on the organic farm.
We took turns in making the biodynamic horn manure. Vigorous stirring was needed to create a vortex and aerate the mixture, which had to be applied to the ground immediately. The mix was cow horns and cow manure that had been stored underground over winter, and then diluted with water.
The mixture was spread over the paddocks and garden by hand – using a small hearth brush. No sprayers used here!
A person standing in a field

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Other jobs were - weeding the massive vege garden, planting potatoes and covering the mounds with mulch, using the weed eater to chop down thistle and dock, digging out buttercup and clearing weeds from around the newly planted manuka and grubbing out thistles and dock by hand.
A delicious lunch was provided by Amelia.
Another working bee is planned for 3- or 4-months’ time. Members will be able to sign up – a good club project – good cause, good exercise and good food.  
Guest Speaker
Dr Greg Sherley has spent most of his career working for the NZ Department of Conservation and then for the UN Environment Programme and SPREP, and for many years was based in Apia. He now does consultancy work for MFAT, SPREP, Conservation International, the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and local NGOs, such as the Samoa Conservation Society. His professional focus is invasive species management and biodiversity – he writes project design and review documents, he leads and facilitates meetings and workshops, he drafts guidelines and develops implementation plans (including budgets). Greg was introduced by Dorothy, who is Greg’s mother in law!
Greg talked about the issues and threats of invasive species in the pacific and what biosecurity solutions there are. Invasive species are  introduced naturally or by people and aggressively invade new biological communities.  The threats are numerous, and Greg gave examples such as crown of thorns destroying coral reefs, fire ants, weeds, and rats all proliferating throughout the pacific.
Cassie Covacs, a Kapiti College Student, was selected to go to this year’s science fair but this was unfortunately cancelled. An equivalent amount of money, $700, was awarded to Cassie to contribute to her future studies. Cassie gave a short speech of thanks and said she was intending to use the money to study becoming a vet at Massey university. Cassie is dyslexic, though showing a great positive mindset, she sees having this condition as a benefit.