NZ Police Fleet Services Manager Brian Yanko gave a most insightful and interesting presentation about the NZ Police fleet of 4,000 vehicles including marked and plain police cars, utes, motorcycles, dog cars, boats, prisoner transport vehicles, helicopters and even tractors!.
Brian reluctantly took up the position when shoulder tapped but his passion for technology and new systems combined with the dynamic aspects of managing such a varied fleet of 4,000 vehicles and meeting wonderful suppliers / partners soon consumed him and he has never looked back. It is hard to imagine him doing anything else!Among many other things Brian described the criteria and process of moving from Holden to Skoda patrol cars; the conversion / kitting out and subsequent punishing the vehicles receive whilst "on duty";  and the importance of partnership highlighted recently buy the support he received from the Downer group when they voluntarily supplied numerous SUVs/ 4 WD's to help the Police in the Cyclone Gabriel aftermath.