Gee, we'd better get with it. Be a WARE-spyware, malware, ransomware, viruses, worms, dark web are present and poised to get into prone IT systems and get into your most personal world. 
GTB IT Solutions Mark Ternent had members on the edge of their seats as he painted a picture of very real threats to those of us without the proper cyber security protection,  passwords and back ups.  That would be most of us. While we think we don't have much to give away-think access to medical records, transacting our bank accounts, family, friends information and most costly of all -system down time -and with that-the inability to do business and losing trust with customers. Some businesses won't transact with others unless they know their customer / supplier has the best cyber security in place. They don't want to be compromised by their erstwhile partners lack of care or security. 
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Mark also strongly suggested we rethink our passwords -using Password apps. such as Last Pass, I Password etc to create / store / manage complex passwords which can be easily yet securely recalled by rightful owner when required.
Thank you Mark-we need this timely reminder.