Betty Fatima came to NZ in January 2020 on a 6-week scholarship to study early childhood education, leaving behind her husband and 2-year-old daughter. 9 months later she was able to return home to Dili, East Timor on a repatriation flight.
We were fortunate to have Betty join us as a club guest for our weekly meetings (including those on zoom). She joined in with many of our club activities and gave us an insight into her life and Rotary in Dili.
At her last meeting before the long flight home, President Shirley gave Betty a Kiwi Rotary badge and a souvenir to remember her time in Kapiti. Betty presented a traditional handwoven tais to President Shirley in appreciation of the club’s hospitality.
In Dili, Betty is the Preschool Coordinator for the NGO Ba Futuru where the focus is on preschool education and the training of early childhood educators. During her Covid extended stay in Kapiti, she volunteered as a Teacher Assistant at Raumati South Kindergarten and at Raumati South School.
Betty was in the Rotaract Club of Dili and joined the Rotary Club of Lafaek Dili as a charter member in 2016. She was made President of the club in 2018. The focus of her club is on the Health, Hygiene and Educational of the local people.