Club President Changeover
Outgoing President Vince Indo gave a colourful and well received presentation of the highlights and successes of the year.  These included:
Increased Membership
  • Club 40th Anniversary
  • Obtained District Grant Funding
  • Updated the Club Strategic  Plan for the next 3 years
  • Participated in several Rotary Youth related programmes
  • Migrated to a new Club Management and Communication platform
  • Delivered several major Club Community Projects/Fundraising Events
  • Engaged a new Caterer
  • Acquired  new Club assets
  • Delegation of 6 Club Members to International Conference
  • Hosted international Rotarians and Notable Guest Speakers (including 3 Ambassaders)
  • Held a variety of Rotary Themed Evenings and Social Events
  • Raised over $23,000 that has been donated across our local Community
To read the full presentation: go to powerpoint
President Vince Indo (left) handing over the presidential chains to Chris Tchernegovski