The club hosted mayoral candidates Rob McCann, Murray Lobb, Janet Holborow, Michelle Lewis, Martin Halliday, Chris Mitchell-3 newbies and 3 incumbent councillors, all respectful of the other, all advocating a fresh approach and fiscal responsibility. It's going to be a tough choice
This meeting was arranged for the six people standing for Mayor of the Kapiti Coast to present their case for election and to answer questions that had been previously submitted.   Guy Weaver was the Facilitator of the meeting.
The six candidates were:
Rob McCann
Chris Mitchell
Michelle Lewis
Murray Lobb
Martin Halliday
Janet Holborow
The format was as follows:
  • Each candidate made a two minute introductory presentation
  • The 3 sitting Councillors were asked to recount  3 tangible achievements
  • Two Yes/No questions
    -           Political affiliation?
    -           Support for the anti-mandate movement
  • And specific questions
    -           Will you commit to a specific percentage for rate rises in future
    -           Should the Council own/manage Social Housing
    -           What would they do regarding the delivery of health services
  • Each candidate did a two minute closing address
  1. The candidates were all well prepared and generally tried to address the questions asked
  2. The meeting was well run by Guy with the assistance from Sergeant Tim and the candidates were quite disciplined with the use of their allocated time
  3. The Candidates all listened to the others without interruption although from time to time there was a shaking of head if they disagreed with the speaking candidate
  4. Michelle Lewis was the only candidate who had supported the anti-mandate movement. She was also the only one who supported the Three Waters but not necessarily in the proposed format
  5. All Candidates were opposed to the Gateway Project
  6. Janet Holborow said she was supported by Labour but not bound to them
  7. There was a theme from all candidates about demanding fiscal responsibility from the Council
  8. Those with Council experience highlighted the importance of this experience and those without highlighted the importance of a fresh approach
  9. All prioritised the need to quickly get alongside the new Chief Executive 
It's going to be a tough choice!