Saturday 23rd March, 10am - 12.30pm
Neville's instructions:


Sun glasses, or eye protection.

Gloves, the carex secta is a bit cutty, as well as a few other hazards!

Foot-ware, Gum boots, (the lower areas are at times flooded at high tide) or old shoes

Long trousers/slacks again for protection, also protect your arms.


Clippers: for trimming lower limbs of plants

Loppers: for heavier low limbs

Grubbers: for clearing weeds at the base of young trees

Spade: for digging up the odd large weed and scraping

Hoe: good for smaller weed around the edges

Rake: for tidying up

Chain Saw: There are some dead trees and branches that need attention


Please - Sign up now on ClubRunner or contact Shirley (so that enough scones can be ordered!)