Rod Babcock- Electric airliners – the NZ contribution.
Dr Rod Babcock works for the Robinson Research Institute, an applied science and engineering research organization. The Institute is famous for its inventions including developing high temperature superconductivity applications.
Rod explained the current big problem for the aviation industry is its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.  Air travel is growing exponentially. There needs to be a significant improvement in fuel efficiency in aircraft engines if NZ is to meet its climate change target.
One solution is the development of a new type of plane called a hybrid turbo- electric aircraft.  There is significant international research and investment in electrified air transport. As normal electric motors are too heavy, superconducting motors are the only means to build an electric airliner. The institute’s expertise in superconductivity means it is heavily involved in the design of a superconducting draft motor.
Photo Caption: President Chris thanks Rod Babcock for his presentation.