Guest Speaker : Paul Wah
Paul Wah shared his thoughts on the  current economic and cultural relationship between NZ and China. Paul is a fourth generation Chinese New Zealander and the first Chinese to be appointed as principal of a state secondary school in New Zealand.
Paul described our current economic situation, with a significant value of our exports going to China, and the trade surplus being in favour of NZ.  He said economically, we are  closely related to China.
Paul explained how China’s culture has being around for over 4000 years, and has developed key values strongly influenced by Confucius teachings and the Han ethic grouping.  These values include having a strong emphasis on family and education.
Paul talked of the communist party, and how it is omnipresent in Chinese society. Paul explained the reasons for why the communist party continues to stay in power, and spoke of his views of why Chinese influence in New Zealand is here to stay.