Subject: Life in Singapore, “an amazing and safe country”
Mr Wilson gained his university qualifications in New Zealand and Scotland, and after some years of experience in his field was posted to Singapore for 5 years.  He provided some very interesting information regarding the lifestyle living among a population of 5.9 million people.  He attributed reasons as to why it is safe in Singapore, and the points he made included the crime rate is very low by world standards due to the threat of serious punishment. This includes capital punishment by hanging, and immediate imprisonment for loutish behaviour.  Drugs are not tolerated in any form, and firearms are completely banned. Graffiti is classified as a serious crime and usually results in immediate canning, with no exemption for females.  Holding cells are primitive and no place to look forward to.
Notwithstanding the strict discipline that is required, Singapore is a lovely to visit and to enjoy, said Mr Wilson.
Interesting questions followed from the floor.